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Was born on 23 January 1972 in a family of teachers, the village Oktember in the Armenian SSR. Average among brothers, an older brother Artyom, Junior Armen. Mother Lena Jumshudovna Arutyunyan, tutor of a kindergarten 1 in town Metsamor (Armenian.SSR), which was visited by the talented and gifted, future actor Artak. Dad Sargis Levonovich Arutyunyan, a professional educator and teacher of the native language and literature in the school 1 of the town of Metsamor.

In early childhood Artak already attracted attention and has always been a good improviser in all situations. At a young age he visited all the clubs of the town (Theatre, Junior technician, chess, acrobatics, football, Boxing) and at the same time studying at the music school in violin. Artak took part in various productions together with the theater group at school. At 14 years he entered the circus Studio named L. Yengibarov at the State circus of Armenia, Director Petrosyan S. G. Daily classes in circus Studio, which was from the Arutiunians house 40 km to the city of Yerevan, were not in vain. During the three years of training in circus Studio Artak Arutyunyan reached great heights in circus art genres, juggling, clowning and juggling.

After graduation in 1989, became a laureate of all-Union competitions of circus performers and singers in Latvia (Jauniba). Artak Arutyunyan entered the Moscow state school of circus and variety arts in 1989 at the Department of musical eccentrics, the Director Shpak V. D. Available scenes: The hat, Chapliniada with walking sticks, Musical kaleidoscope and lots of reprises. "A diamond in the rough" over the years, polished in rehearsals, concerts, festivals trips and, most importantly, was the practice that gave shine and revealed all the qualities not only as an actor but also personality. In 2000 the Director of the St. Petersburg circus Avtovo Franke V. J. helped to renew the repertoire. Available sketches: Butterfly and the violin, Broom and saxophone, and many other reprises.

1986 He entered in circus school at the State Circus of the Republic of Armenia. The director was Sos Petrosyan.

1987 Member of the International Circus Festival (Jauniba) Latvia.

1987 Participator of the Second All-Union Festival of Folk Art, Moscow.

1989-1993 He entered the Moscow Academy of the State Circus and Variety Arts (GUTSEI) in the music department ekstsentriady. The director was V.D. Shpak

1991-1994 He was member of the Mosconcert and he toured in Romania, Yugoslavia, the Czech Republic..

1997 Participant and winner of the International Festival of professional circus artists and music in Moscow.

1997 He was accepted into the Russian State Circus.

1997-2001 He worked in the state circuses at the Russian towns and abroad.

2001-2004 He worked with OLCo under contract. (Tokyo Disney sea), Japan.

2004-2005 He worked under contract ACCIRCUS. Little World (Nagoya), Japan.

2005-2007 He created "Hige-Show entertainment" in Tokyo and the Academy of Circus Arts in Chiba Prefecture, Japan.

2007 Under the contract, the State Circus Armenia worked in TV shows and programmes in Yerevan circus.

2008 He is the director of the production center "Wonderful People" A. Arutyunyan.

2009 Head of the studio original genre "Fantasy World" in Russia, Moscow region, Egorievsk cultural center.

2011 Awarded in the Open Festival of Humour and Variety "Moscow-Transit-Moscow" three diplomas: First premium in the "original genre," Special Award "for its professionalism and diversity" and Diploma "Superfinalista."

2012-2014 Under contract with the legendary Yuri Nikulin Circus toured Russia.

2013 Participant of the World Circus Festival "IDOL" in Moscow.

2013 Director at the Palace of Culture in Egorievsk. "New adventures of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden", "Wolf and the Seven Goats", "Circus Artaud"

2015 Artistic director of the circus studio "Arena of Wonders" in the DK Korobovo and Seredniki.

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